Casting in fine silver

hello all i have cast large and bulky paper waights in sterling
silver (these are little statutes from 150 gr. to 500 gr.)they dont
have small / bendable areas , for example i am casting a large frog(
3.5x2x1.5 in)the smallest sections are the fingers , about 2mm
diameters and5-6 mm long, i am thinking of casting it in fine silver
.any idea with pro. and con ? thanks ata

I have casted statutes up to 1000 gr. in 96% fine silver
successfully. I cast all my Silver Jewellery in 96% fine silver , and
the quality of casting is excellent, I make my own masters by wax
models and see that they are of uniform thickness all over and I
think , because of the uniform thickness of my masters I get castings
with minimum or no porosity. There are also many other factors to get
an excellent casting.

Regards to all My fellow orchidian Brothers and sisters

Umesh Chauhan
Mumbai INDIA.

Dear Umesh, I note that you are making jewelry out of silver that is
finer than sterling…according to you, .960 rather than the
conventional .925. Of late I have had occaision to work on several
pieces of Indian made jewelry and I have found it to be very soft
and especially easy to work. Are you of the opinion that all Indian
jewelry is characterized by use of high purity silver ? If so, why ?
Thanking you in advance, Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.