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Casting in Chicago


Hello list - I’ve never outsourced casting before and I’m wondering
if anyone could answer a few questions for me.

  1. Is there a good place to go in Chicago?

  2. Do I simply supply the wax carving or do I need to create a mold
    for them (I’m going to need about 300 casts of the same small

  3. In what condition are the casts returned? Am I going to have to
    cut off 300 sprus? Yikes.

I’ve only done lost wax centrifugal casting so please forgive me if
my questions are in any way ignorant. Thanks so much for any

-Jessie Smith


Jessie, I live near Chicago but I send my casting to Race Car Jewelry
to be done. They will do as much or as little finishing as you want
them to do. Daniel is great about explaining everything and
offering options.

Deb Karash


Hello Jessie, I’ll put in a big suggestion that you call Daniel
Grandi, RaceCar Jewelry, and talk to him about your casting needs.
He’s on Orchid, so may see your query, but just go to the archives
and search for his name. Wish I had his phone number to post. You
will be pleased with your castings, and no, you won’t have to cut
off all 300 sprues! No affiliation, just a satisfied customer. Judy
in Kansas, where it’s HOT and will be even hotter in Garden City
where I go tomorrow.


Hi, Jessica, I live in the Chicago area, and there are several
casters in the 5 S. Wabash building in the Loop. The one I have used
is gone, but they are probably all fine. Yes, you will probably have
to do the cleanup, though perhaps not actually cut the sprues.

But my strong recommendation to you is to talk to Dan Grandi at
Racecar Jewelry-- he is a member of this list, and does my casting
as well as that of many other Orchid folks. He is in R.I. but that
has never been an issue for me. Someone gave him a lavish
endorsement just a couple of days ago in this forum. You can get
your castings finished to whatever degree you choose. Good luck!


I'll put in a big suggestion that you call Daniel Grandi (...). 

Exactly, why look further? Daniel does a great job, if you are in
trouble he will take time to explain matters to you in his own nice
and competent way and his work is fine. Tel.: 1 - 401 - 461 - 7803. I
am very satisfied with his work. Best, Will


I also agree that you should go with Racecar Jewelery.

But to answer the specific question, if you’re looking for a local
supplier, I suggest Finest Casting, formerly in 5 N. Wabash, I think
they’re now in 5 S. His quality is very, very good.

Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Studio 925; established 1992


I second Dan Grandi, or third by this time. Honestly, I have been
to local casters, one in Maine and several in NY. Dan’s work is
exemplary. If there is a problem, he will fix it. No questions, no
arguments, he just does the work. Daniel, Sumner and I have been
working on a huge longterm and complex casting project which has
taken several months of model rework, and education on our part.
Daniel has been patient beyoned expectations. The final pieces are
coming out beautifully.

I am lucky that he does live close to me, but it wouldn’t matter.
Take a chance, you will be happy that you did.