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Casting in a kilin

what i need is to find out the proper material needed to make an
open faced mold,and to fine out if my idea of pouring casting
shot into this mold, and firing it in my kiln will work, and what
are the problems i may encounter,thanks so much,rodney

I don’t know whether this would work or not, but thought I would
suggest it. It might be possible to mix up some casting
investment, pour it into a shallow container (like a sardine can),
and let it harden. Then, carve a design into it, and when you are
sure the mold is totally dry, put in your shot, then put it in the
kiln and Heat it to the melting point of the silver. I have never
tried this, but I vaguely remember reading this somewhere.
Searched through my notes and files and could not come up with the
source. Perhaps this suggestion will ring a bell with some other
Orchidians who can be of help. Alma

I’m thinking you would have difficulties with the sardine can -
(melting). Perhaps, an alternative could be ceramic (flower pot
saucer?) which would maybe crack or maybe not? Investment should
be fine that type of container.

You will find the surface tension of the molten metal stops it
filling the mould cavity - it wants to form a bead. If you can
arrange to pull the whole thing out of the kiln while molten and
place something flat on top of the mould you may get a better result
but it is risky. I often torch melt metal in a carved shape in a
charcoal block and smack another block on top to get a roughly
controlled shape but globs (technical term) of molten silver landing
on the body is to be avoided!

Molten metal needs forcing onto a mould by some force, be it gravity
(not usually sufficient on it’s own), centrifugal, vacuum, or a lot
more metal on top (eg cuttlefish casting).

Andy Parker