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Casting house recommendations?

I should start by saying that I have friends that participate in
historical reenactment. So there is a market for items that look
correct for a certain era for the costumes they wear. Especially the
buckes and chapes for sword frogs (hangers).

I have been thinking about making some replicas of sword frog
hardware to sell as there is a definite market for these. By the
time I make each set to mold and have them cast in brass, I can sell
a set of about 8 to 10 items for a couple of hundred and still make
a profit. But I am running into big one problem. You can buy from
the internet a set of sword frog hardware for about $30 to $60. Yes,
the quality is lower then what I would produce, but where are they
casting these? To be competitive, I need to be able to sell these
sets of hardware for less then my casting cost right now.

Does anyone have a contact they can share for casting houses that
can cast multiple brass items and do it less expensively so I can at
least try to be competitive?

Thanks in advance for the advice

Gerald A. Livings
Livingston Jewelers

Hi George,

Try these guys…
…they work with Bronze or other metals as well.


My #1 choice is Daniel Grandi at RaceCar Jewelry in Rhode Island.
19 Mendon Ave, Pawtucket, RI 02861
(401) 475-5701

Daniel is a big Orchid supporter and friend to many of us.

Teresa Masters

Dan Grandi at RaceCar Jewelry in Rhode Island is THE best.