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Casting help

     I want to hire someone to make duplicates (almost) of
several cuttlebone casting that I have done. I say almost
because I may want them to be a little thinner than the
original. Obviously, it's the cuttlebone pattern that I want
to keep. 
   What would be the best way to keep that pattern and produce
30-50 pieces at a time.  Otherwise, I'll take all the
I can get and hit a casting house in Boston or

Kathleen Your Idea of using a commercial caster in Providence
is probably the best way to go. You can call MJSA at 800 444
MJSA and ask for sugestions as to who does this type of work. As
for making your designs thinner I can only suggest that you have
a master mold made, take a wax from it then file down the back
unless you are willing to thin the origional (which might be the
best way)

saw your post on orchid. i have a small production shop -do
mostly gold,silver,and bronze casting.give a yell if ya need

			Marty Greene
			Gold'n Greations
			295 Harris Ave.
			401-621-2531 Fax