Casting grain/making

I recently tried making my own casting grain from fine silver,
recycling my buttons and I sorta drizzled the melt into a bucket.
It worked fine but I got way too much that came out almost as
dust, difficult to handle. Any tips on getting more popcorn like
grain with no fine particles? Dave

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Dave, variables play a part in the end product: volume of water,
temperature of water, height from the water when pouring and how
quickly you pour. Try this: 4 gal. of water in a 5 gal. bucket,
no more than 45 degrees F., at least 1 oz. of molten metal. Pour
the molten metal in a thin, steady stream about 2 ft. from the
water (about waist height for me). Pour your metal stream through
the torch fire, which is aimed over the lip of the crucible to
the main melt. I use a covered crucible which seems to work
better for silver because it cuts down on oxidation and keeps the
heat concentrated.