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Casting Grain for 18kt Gold Solder

I have a couple of questions I thought I would put before the group.

  1. When SWEST was alive and well in Dallas, they carried Casting
    Grain for 18 kt Gold SOLDER in Hard, Med, Easy, and Extra Easy(I’m
    not sure about the last one.)

  2. Stuller, who bought SWEST, no longer carries SWESTS metals.

  3. Do you know of anyone that carries casting grain for 18kt Gold

  4. Does anyone on the list make their own solder or am I being too

  5. Do you have a good, well tested recipe for 18kt gold solder?

  6. If I cant get an answer on any of the above, where is the best
    place to buy 18kt Gold Solder?

Love and God Bless