Casting for Pewter

Greetings all from Australia! I am a newbie to this list and so
far everything I have read is FANTASTIC! A real excellent list! I
have a question re pewter I was hoping someone may be able to
answer for me, re composition of alloys. I have not been able to
buy pewter alloy here in Australia, so I had a friend who has a
foundry, make some up for me. He used 91% tin, 7.5% Antimony
1.4% Cu and 0.1% silver. I am curious as to what would happen if
you replaced ALL the copper with silver and so had 91, 7.5 & 1.5%
Ag? I was looking for an improvement in the finish of the alloy,
but don’t know enough about it whether this would work or not. i
think Cu is added for ductility, but Ag is ductile also and I’m
trying to avoid copper oxides on the surface. Any ideas? Many
tks. Howard Anders Melbourne {not Florida! :slight_smile: } Australia p.s.
any other Aussies on this list?

Just a quick note, If anyone is interested, e-mail me off list. I
have a white metal casting setup I would like to sell. It
includes the centrifugal caster, mold press(20 ton I think),
several pounds of casting metals, 30 or 40 molds of various
items(mostly southwestern style stuff), some unvulcanized mold
rubber… I am at home now and dont have all the details, but if
interested, let me know and I will take some pictures and get a
firm price. Ken Sanders