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Casting for Keum Boo

I Hope I have got this correct. I want to pose this question to the
Orchid Forum

I apply the Keum Boo technique to some designs which are ticking over
rather well and I am considering having the components cast to
quicken up the production. it has been suggested that I have them
cast in pure silver and that would cut down the preparation time for
the Keum Boo technique but anything I have read on the subject always
recommends using sterling silver. I would appreciate the opinion of
anyone out there.

Noeline, Christchurch, New Zealand

Noeline, I quite often start with fine silver for doing keum-boo. It
is a real time saver and works just as well as depleted sterling. I
use fine silver in the classes I teach as well, and no one has had a
problem. As long as the design takes into consideration the softer
quality of the fine silver, it should be OK.

Noeline, Keum Boo works with pure silver, no problem whatsoever and
you would indeed save time, but would pure silver not be too soft for
your pieces? Best, Will