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Casting equipments manuals


I acquired a small lot of casting equipment and am hoping to find
copies of the manuals for some of the pieces. While I’m sure I could
sort it all out in the end (I intend to take a refresher on casting
regardless as its been a while), the safety nerd in me likes having a
manual around. I was hoping someone here might be able to help me in
locating the following:

Torit vertical casting: - Really the biggest one that I’m after. I
don’t even want to mess with this thing until I have a better
understanding of it. Model #: 270-A Serial #: 06617

Electro Vulc Mark I

Neycraft JFF 2000 - I can find tons of info on where to buy this
kiln, but not on who to contact for a replacement manual. I was
intending on calling up Otto Frei and seeing if they might know.

Vigor CA-855/A automatic pressure wax injector

Cenco Pressovac: - Have emailed on this one, though I
can’t tell if their site is still operational Cat #: 90550 Ser #: 08504

Any help you might have would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Tara J. Brannigan