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Casting equipment reviews

Hi all!
we’re gearing up to set up a casting area in our studio and are searching around for reviews about specific casting induction vs. resistance machines.

Anybody out there with experience/opinions concerning various makers of such machines- your views are much appreciated!!

we anticipate casting anywhere between 25-50 gold pieces/week and about 15 palladium pieces…

thanks in advance!

Hello Rona, I would like to introduce myself to you. I just happened to see your thread on Ganoksin regarding casting. My Company Lucas Dental Co. manufactures centrifugal casting machines. We have been in business since 1930 and I believe that we manufacture the best Spring Driven Centrifugal Casting Machines that are made in our factory in the USA. Check out our Website: and see our products first hand. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me direct. Our phone number is Toll-Free 1-(800)-332-5573… Thank you, Sincerely, Richard Lucas.

If you want to cast gold and silver - you can do it on something like Kerr Centrifico (or its china clone) or stanard Vacuum Casting unit - you still need vacuum chamber to degas investment so this unit is quite good idea.
If you want to cast palladium and/or platinum you should consider unit with induction heating and atmosphere control but they are quite pricey. Something like Indutherm mc15+ or 20V or Galloni Pressovac. Both machines are small and capable of making high quality casting with quick melting times.
However it is possible to cast palladium with a torch and centrifugal machine - dental technicans do it for years. They are using slightly different alloys then these used in jewelry but whit Pd content up to 80-85%. I think with some practice and proper technique 950Pd could be successfully cast this way

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I know 2 people who cast platinum with
a Neycraft centrifugal caster.

I know 2 people who cast platinum with
a Neycraft centrifugal caster.

Hi Richard

Now you know 3 people who cast PT with a Neycraft. But there are some mods that are necessary to success.

First off you need a big touch and an O2 regulator that can go to 70psi. Then there there is the Gaab crucible holer #705-106 to hold a Wesgo crucible type A. Got it from Rio Grande years ago but don’t see it now. Lastly and most importantly is zircon paint from Gesswein. Due to high heat to melt, silica crucible breaks down and contaminates PT. So I air brush a new coat of Z-O paint after each casting. Also keep 2-3 crucibles freshly painted. Thanks to another CA jeweler from Gemvision forum who shared this.

PS Learned my casting tech from Revere Academy and it has served me well

Hello Rona and all,

if vacuum casting won’t work for you and induction is beyond your budget you might want to have a look at our compact centrifugal caster at This little workhorse with a palm-size footprint does a good job in many small shops. The advice of Franz is worth to follow as well.

Sandor Cser

Hello all, I can’t help noticing all this thread about casting. We have had people over the years tell us that they were able to cast palladium with our Centrifugal Casting Machines. We have been manufacturing Centrifugal Casting Machines for over 60 years which also included the Burns Casting Machine (which has since been discontinued) and have made major improvements in the design and technology on our current Casting Machines. Our number one seller is our #750 “Giant” long arm casting machine which sells for $299.00 & comes complete with a set of accessories, and our latest design is our #8500 “Jewel” long arm casting machine which sells for $495.00 and comes complete with a set of accessories & our surround tub and exterior releasing handle to release the Arm. Both of these Casting Machines are available directly from LUCAS. We are the same people that manufactures and sells our #9 Lowboy Foot Rheostat at $49.00. You can easily see our product line by visiting our Website: or you can contact us direct to our Toll-Free 1-(800)-332-5573 or email address: Feel free to give us a call if you should have any questions, Thank you for your time, Sincerely, Richard Lucas.