Casting - Easy to learn

Hi Parresol, Yes casting is easy to learn, but…when quality
becomes more of an issue it gets more difficult. Good moldmaking,
that doesn’t make more problems than it solves, can also be a
challenge. Wax injection is another area that feels nothing like
jewelry making and can take a lot of learning. I’ve been doing this
half of my 44 yrs and I have a lot to learn. I guess that’s what
holds my interest. J.A.

Dear JA, I agree with you completely ! Quality is a great concern
always, and the farther one goes in this jewelry business the more
encompassing it becomes. There is so much I don’t know about many
facets of this industry it is probably embarrassing. In writing
that casting was easy to learn I was only trying to encourage an
individual to try, for this is how we truly learn. The Process is
simple, the many procedures to get there are another story
completely. Waxing, carving , mold making , investing, burnout,
can cause one much grief,(and joy). Terry Parresol (we probably
scared the poor fellow off now !)