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Casting company

Studio-e in Edina Minnesota can cast anything; gold, platinum, silver


can anybody recomend a casting small scale casting company? thats
inexpensive,maybe the one i have now is fine, but how much should a
DWT of sterling be?? I’m charged $1.75 if this is good then i’ll
stay with what i’ve got, because there fast but can anyone
recommend anything else?

Tito MoldMaker charges about $.55 per dwt + labor & shipping. They
turn jobs around in about a week-ish. Their prices on molds are
reasonable as well.

36 W. 47th St.
Rm. 206
Ny, Ny  10036

Hi Heather, we do casting, finishing as well as a number of other
operations related to finishing… What I can tell you about pricing
castings is this. If all you want is a raw casting and nothing else
and then If your piece is easy, casts with other designs because the
weight and thickness are good, and your doing at least 12 + pieces
and they weigh more than 1 DWT, Then, perhaps $1.75 DWT is way too
expensive and you should contact us.

However, If your design requires finishing ( hand polished) and it
weighs very little, the casting and finishing costs can easily bring
the price up quite a bit…

Realize that If you have a design that is extremely thin and/or
difficult to cast and your quantity is very low, then , it may
require casting them seperately , thereby incurring extra costs
which may very welll be part of that cost you pay.

If you would like,send the piece (s) to us and we will give you a
quote on making them or give us a call to talk about it.

Best Wishes, Daniel Grandi Racecar Jewelry Co. Inc.
52 Glen Rd. Cransto, RI . 02920 Tel: 401-461-7803