Casting Co. Contracts

After reading all the threads on the story of the stolen designs.
It’s made me rather paranoid. I send out some of my production pieces
to be cast. I would like to send a contract to my caster to sign,
stating explicitly that these are my designs and not to be copied in
any way shape or form. Does anyone have a sample contract to be used
with a casting company? Years ago I took a seminar and have a file on
sample contracts but they basically cover legalities with 2D art and
galleries etc. I’ve looked all over the internet, through the Orchid
files and I can’t find anything that really pertains to this in
particular situation. If anyone has a resource to draw from I’d
really like to know. On a completely different note. I have an
African Gray Parrot. I’ve found that there seems to be a number of
jewelers that also have feathered friends as pets. I was wondering
how many other jewelers out there have parrots also. I just thought
it would be fun to find out. Thanks ~Poppy~

Poppy Vincent: Your best protection is to deal only with a caster with
integrity. You don’t want to get into a law suit with an unscrupulous
supplier. Remember: Deep pockets and lawyers always win. Many
excellent honest casters have been recommended on Orchid so check the
archives. Whomever you decide to go with make it clear that you expect
to retain exclusive rights to your original designs. I know several of
them personally. Their word is their bond. Hope this helps.

Ray Grossman
Ray Grossman Inc.
Manufacturers of Jump Ringer

Hi Poppy, I read your post with interest. As a jeweler of 25 years
and a casting company of the last 15 years, I have signed contracts
with customers any time they wish. I too have heard many horror
stories of copied and infringed designs. Most of my customers know and
trust me, but I do not take it as a slight if I am asked to sign a
confidentiality contract. My shop is dedicated to art jewelers with
one of a kind pieces and small production runs, although we have done
runs to a thousand pieces. A contract like this should be in concert
with your copyrights on all your designs for your best protection. We
hold the models, molds, waxes, and castings in the sticktest
confidence as we know they often represent many years of work of the
artists we serve. We don’t have a parrot, but we do have a long
haired, German bread, German Shepherd named “Ruby”. John, J.A.Henkel
Co.,Inc. Moldmaking Casting Finishing

We have always signed casting contracts if the customer has one as
we have no intention of ever copying a customers designs. Usually, A
customer would make their own or copy an existing contract.

I must say that it is most important to have a feeling of trust with
the people you are dealling with. Realize that many of you deal with
casters/ jewelers/ stonesetters and any one of them could easily copy
a design even if they are next door…

A contract will help only if you find that they are cheating/ copying
your design. This is not easy to do… It is best to find a company
that has a decent reputation for quality and the owners are honorable
people. A Rarety these days !

Daniel Grandi

We do casting /finishing . model making /by hand/cnc/cadcam/ from
small to large quantities for designers and people in the trade.
Racecar Jewelry Co.

Well: I think it could not be said better. Deal with people who you
trust!!! Any contract or whatever paper - legal or not - might help
you get your rights - if you have to go to court, but why not avoid
it in the first place? Deal with people you trust!

I don’t know how rare these people are nowadays, but they definitely
are good company. By the way: I find trustworthy people (correct
expression?) all the way around me. Almost!?!

Sorry that you are so far away that it is not really a possibility to
use you as my caster!!!

Kind regards Niels L=F8vschal, Denmark

we allways believe in visiting the caster at thier place. you get to
see that they actually exist, what thier opperation looks like, mabey
you get to see how they do things, etc. protect yourself, visit and
you’ll better know who you’re considering doing bussiness with.