Casting calculator with metal price conversions


I am a web developer and have just started a project making some tools/apps for jewelry making:

The site currently has a casting calculator / metal conversion calculator. You enter model weight (in wax or precious metal), select target material and see cost and weight). There are also some charts with live prices of gold karats 10 - 24, sterling/fine silver, platinum and palladium.

If anybody is looking for particular tools like this to make their workflow easier, would love to hear any suggestions, or feedback (good or bad is welcome)!


Thank you

I’m starting a new and very insanely expensive line of jewellery. Your website just came in handy for me.
”Thanking you is an understatement.”
I want exact and direct answers, not advertising all over the place.

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Hi Gerry,

So happy it can be of use to you!

Calculating designs in multiple different materials and estimating costs for casting orders was always really stressful for me when making jewelry.

Feel free to reach out down the road if you have suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

:dizzy: thank you for taking a look!

Hi ”” (my new friends)
I’m happy that you’ve entered the market. As I just posted a message on Orchid this evening. I know how to use & manipulate your site. I want an ”easy to use site” with no, or little advertising.
Another site has that problem! Have you heard of ”Dentritics” are that problem! I’m shying away from them as of now…;(
When ”time is of the essence”, I don’t want to waste my precious time deleting unnecessary advertising!
This is for you to watch out for!

Fondest regards and I wish you well…:wink:
“Gerry, on my busy, iPhone”

I know that calculator. It is very slow to use.
I did not know there were ads! I use an adblocker so did not see.

Another useful calculator you could link to or include is Mark and Gary Wooding’s “Rolling Wire-strip calculator.” The software is open source and javascript based, so I don’t think they’d have a problem with your using it, and you won’t have a problem adding it.

Oh this is really cool thanks for sharing this with me. Mine is developed with javascript as well. So I will definitely check out this calculator and code. I personally never did this technique so didn’t think about a calculator.

You could also link to Alec Kerc’s box ring design tool. But he restricts copying, so you would have to link to his page.

Replied below. I am really bad at using this forum! lol

What is so difficult in using this ’forum’?
All you do is to hit a few buttons on your iPhone or computer!:+1::clap::vulcan_salute:We all make a few printing errors, evin me!

“Gerry, on my busy, iPhone”