Casting CAD waxes in platinum

we have had much difficulty in casting cad waxes in platinum. any

we use the non asbestos paper to line the flask as well as a base.
our burnout is as follows:

200 - 1 hour
300 - 1 hour
700 - 1 hour
1350 - 8 hours
1630 - 2 hours

When you say “cad waxes” do you mean actual wax that has been carved
by a cnc milling machine, or “wax” from a SolidScape 3D Printer or a
photopolymer from a 3D Systems machine, or an EnvisionTec Perfactory

That will help to figure out your problem.

Also please describe the difficulties?


It’s not so much about your burnout procedure as the type of polymer
or milled wax you are trying to evacuate and the type of investment
being used.

Some milled patterns will tear up the traditional phosphoric
acid-bound investment regardless of you burnout parameters. Polymers
are obviously completely incompatible. Tougher investment is

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