Casting bronze clasps

Greetings all.

I have been casting some bronze clasps for Rennfaire clothing. My
sister does SCA type costuming. The question is which would be a
better choice of material: Manganese Bronze or Silicon Bronze? I
have been trying to understand the properties but have not been able
to get a handle on this yet. I am currently using some old stock,
so old that I can’t remember what I bought (12 years ago). Duh! It
casts great but the supply is almost gone. Any insights would be
greatly appreciated.

The finished pieces get polished, patinated, then lacquered.

Bill Churlik


As far as authenticity is concerned, much of what is referred to as
bronze in period pieces (Dark and Middle Age Europe) is now being
referred to more and more as “copper alloy” in texts. I know much
of what used to be called bronze objects in the Viking period, for
example, are alloys that would now be called brass.(often with some
lead thrown in that is believed to help it cast better.)

I know this doesn’t really answer your question, but I was just
reading a discussion on this topic and thought I’d throw it in.

Ketchikan, AK