Casting beer bottle tops

Hi, I am trying to find a way to cast beer bottle tops in sterling
silver. I have tried using vulcanised rubber molds, but .3mm is to
thin to wax inject and to cast. I would also like to make a die so
that I could make the tops out of sterling sheet. Would appreciate it
if anybody has some ideas

Chris Hardwick

Are you talking about Crown Corks? They make machines…I’d look for
someone who has one and use his.

I haven’t followed all these links, but I’ll just bet there’s a
non-electric machine out there for making a crown corks.

Chris, have you tried silicone molds? I have had better luck with
injecting those with thinner models.

Consider also the right casting machine to get something that thin
to cast. If you want the die ask for it from a bottler…you never
know they might give you of how to secure one.

Good Luck…

The Jewelry CAD Institute.

Partly fill the tops with resin or epoxy so they’re thicker before
making the mold. I would not use vulcanizing with the resin–it
might not be able to take the heat. I’d use RTV rubber or silicone

Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Jewelry

Use a mold material that does not shrink when it cures (silicons
tend to shrink the least) either RTV or heat vulcanized. You can also
increase the metal of the cap to be molded with wax, making it as
thick as you want but you will have to use RTV mold materials.

Die making is another whole different subject and I have got to go
right now. If you want an idea or 2, drop me a line and I will answer
you later…

John Dach

i suggest that you make your sterling bottle caps the same way that
coke does them, with a flat disk and a press…

Try this link:

It’s a description of the machines they used to use for capping
bottles. That’s assuming that you want to make metal crown corks.
There’s a thriving market you could tap into -

Your best bet is to replicate the process, just not onto bottles.
Start with silver disks and press them. I find it hard to use casting
toreplicate forged items, and vice versa. I charge a UKP 10 minimum
fee for googling on behalf of people. I’ll post you the invoice :wink:


pricey and a manual device:

i used “beer capper” as a search parameter…