Casting Argon/Nitrogen?

Hello everybody,

Today i want

I use a Vacuum Pressure Casting machine able to give me nice result.

i’m able to use Argon or Nitrogen Gas, as gas protector.

Did anyone try both to notice a difference between them.
Regardless of the price is there any advantage or inconvenient for one of them.

Thank you for your opinion.

At my job we cast with the J2R vacuum casting machine from Rio Grande. Rio recommends casting with nitrogen.

Hope that helps!


I forgot to say. My only experience with argon in jewelry making is with tig & laser welding. I’ve never used it in casting.

Thank you for your answer, i think argon is better.


Just curious. Have you done comparison tests? I don’t know anyone who casts with Argon? I’m curious how much better it is?



No i didn’t make test comparison. But most of people i know use argon to cast with vacuum process and they didn’t get any bad result or problem…

That’s interesting.

I’ve always planned on using argon if I ran out of nitrogen in the middle of a casting, but have never done it.

Like I wrote, our vacuum casting machine says to use nitrogen. Maybe I’ll do a test between the two gases and see if I notice a difference in casting quality. So far nitrogen is doing an excellent job.