Casting Argentium ingots

I’ll start this is as a separate thread so we don’t go too many
different directions on the “other” ingot/forging thread. I’m
starting to accumulate Argentium scrap… and I seem to have read
somewhere it does not play well when you try to remelt and cast into
an ingot and roll. Anyone doing this? The germanium comes out of the

I remelt my Argentium scraps without fuss into ingots weekly.

Just don’t wait too long after it is a mercury-like liquid to do
your pour.

Use a crucible only for argentium, remember to break in your
crucible with borax when it is new. Also, the ingot mould preparation
is very important.

Ingot making is a skill of it’s own. I am tempted to do a video on
the topic but time is tight these days.

Best of luck.

Though I have not taken the time to do so myself, I know that Ronda
Coryell does so, without problem. (Hopefully, she will chime in with
any tips.) This topic has come up in the Argentium Silver group on
Facebook, and others have also said that they did not have any

Cynthia Eid

I have cast my Argentium scrap into Delft clay to make an ingot, it
came out perfectly white, and was exactly the same as new metal to
work with.