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Casting a silver sculpture

greetings to the group, I have a question that I am certain only this
group can help me with .,… I am a sculptor who would like to cast
some of my smaller works in sterling silver…and I wondered first
if there was anyone who would recommend a foundry or jeweler who
would tackle such a task? I would also be interested in how I might
do this myself…but have not worked with silver and so this is very
new to me. thank you for your time Maureen Siobhan

Hello Maureen! The only thing I could recommend is that you do
business with companies specialized in casting. Shop around these
companies as you could be surprised to see that the cheaper ones are
not necessarily customer-friendly… I myself am not very good at
casting (I scraped a couple of my girlfriend’s models - imagine the
night after that!..), so I do business with a professional
caster/mold maker. Some people have recommended me a cheaper
caster/mold maker, but my jewelry came back like swiss cheese… So
I came back to the first one, who is more expensive but is much more
professional (no porosity, garantees on the casting, etc.).

Benoit Hamel

I recommend getting a foundry to cast your silver sculptures -
small-scale casting is one of life’s little bargains, and unless you
have an enormous number of items, you’ll save lots of money and
trouble over putting together your own setup.

A foundry that I like and recommend is C.A. Brown of Cranston, RI; Steve Brown is a Wizard of Sprue, and his
size range is right in that hard-to-find area between small sculpture
and big jewelry. He and I have done business for a few years, and
I’ve found his prices to be very fair.

That said, right now you might want to wait a couple of weeks before
approaching any foundry; the good ones will be all jammed up with
last-minute orders.

-Sheba Bathsheba Grossman
(831) 429-8224 Creative prototyping Microsculpture Bronze sculpture