Casting 95% Plat. 5% Ruth

I have been vertically spin casting 90% Plat/Irid and 95%Plat/Irid
using an Oxy./Hydro. mix successfully for several years. I use the
rapid set up and burn out investment from PM West. 'Due to customer
demand I have been forced to start using 5% Ruthenium. It has been a
real problem mostly with “no fills”. If any one out there has
experience torch melt casting this alloy please help me out. I have
tried many things and am at my wits-end casting this alloy.
Everything else about it is great! Are people actually casting this
alloy successfully with a torch?

T: 416-364-7989
F: 416-364-9621


I have the clear impression from numerous phone reports that
95Pd/5Ru is a terrible lost wax casting alloy, nearly impossible
without some issue or another. Can you possibly change to a 950Pd
that is really made for lost wax casting? That is available from
PMWest as well as others of course.

Using a temperature of up to 1400C, a flask temp of 1000F and
maximum torque on a commercial induction caster has led to good fills
on a variety of shapes.

Daniel Ballard

I’m sure that casting a palladium alloy is easier and with better
flow properties. But what about the hardness? What is the hardness?
People want the Ruthenium alloy because of scratch resistance. How
does the 950PD hold up against scratches as compared to 9050RU?

Jacob Buckareff G.J.G.(GIA)
T: 416-364-7989
F: 416-364-9621

Jacob, I cast 95%Pt5%Ru for many years with the torch and vertical
centrifugal machine. Give me a call: 609-558-9764.

Frank Reisser