Casters not on vacation?

Hello! I am looking for a caster who will be open during the July
holiday. My caster is closing June 29th through July 9th and I have
rush wedding rings I need cast in white gold.

Alternatively, I would like advice if I end up having to do this
myself. Can I use a centrifugal caster? Is white gold as hard to
cast as it is to work?

Thanks in advance,

Centrifugal casting of white gold is not hard at all. It has a
slightly higher melting/flow point than the same weight of yellow
gold, but other than that everything else is the same.

	14K yellow - 1550 degrees F
	14K white (w/ nickel alloy) - 1810 degrees F
	14k white (w/ palladium alloy) - 2000 degrees F
  • Wendy

Hi Folks, I will be open and casting all summer. Just FYI. John,
J.A.Henkel,Co.Inc. Moldmaking Casting Finishing 207-729-3599

Hello Jade, Not sure where you are from, but there is a caster in
Dallas that I know will be working over the 4th. You can contact him
at 972-661-2044 or e-mail him @ Hope that this
is a help to you.

There is also another one in Dallas john coker with lyle-degrazier on
stemmons in the worlds trade ctr. His number is 214-747-3558 ext. 24
Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold e-mail @Andy_Kroungold