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Caster’s porosity repair policy

I use 2 casters…Caster #1, if there’s a porosity issue in their castings and I bring it back the piece, they’ll laser it, although I have to re-polish it. No problem. Beats asking them to recast because of a small, but noticeable surface defect.….Caster #2 wants to charge me to laser repair a porosity hole (very small) in my 14KY that they cast that I discovered while polishing. WHAT?

1st time I’ve encountered this. Anyone else experience what caster #2 wants to do?



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I would say that is BS, obviously #2 does not own a laser. It is a defect in the casting, the caster should correct it.
I am a 100% advocate of lasers, every jeweler should own one. The advantages far outweigh the cost.

Caster #2 owns several Lasers. When my piece was back for laser engraving, the other group there with a laser (don’t know who) fixed the porosity, even cleaned and repolished the piece. They did add the charge to my bill (something around $70) but when I told them it was BS, they took it off, no questions asked.

I am happy to hear you spoke up. I do similar work and it is a very simple procedure. People want to justify their investment in the laser and “think up” charges like this. He might be a good person to work with, but I would keep my eye on him.

Wow. I haven’t delved into casting yet, but I’ve been staring longingly at wax lately. I’d flip if I was asked to pay for repair of their error, so good to have that instinct validated! I mean I get that it’s just a thing that happens sometimes, but… build it into the up front price, yikes!

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