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Castaldo Super Cera Gold

Mr. Knight was kind enough to send me a sample of the Super Cera
Gold carvable Injection wax, I finally got a chance to clean my
injector, and put the new wax in, I have read some comments that is
too brittle ( hello, it is a carvable wax) I found that by not
letting the wax completely cool I could shorten the sprue length
where I wanted it, and it has a terrific flow, I set a flask up and
invested it some of these pieces are sorority emblems
(just the Greek letters set in a rectangular frame), I thought if any
would break these would but they held fine, I have molds that require
considerable clean up due to poorly machined wax masters, but these
cleaned up easy any flash on the waxes seems to nearly fall off and
the surfaces were very good, I would not suggest playing Rugby with
them in your trouser pockets, but remember they are a very hard wax
which is what gives it the carvability, try working with a piece of
Ferris green filed or machined down to 18 GA thickness and see how
flexible it is, It burn out cleanly and as IU said I love the flow
characteristics, my wife even pulled a few filigree patterns with no
trouble, it releases easy and all in all, I’ll be buying more,
Granted I would like something that cleans up as well and has as good
of flow and as short of dwell(time required to set up) Some day some
one will come up with an all purpose injection wax but until they do
I’ll use this in one injector and Westcast Pink in the other,
Standard disclaimer No affiliation with either company just like the

Kenneth Ferrell