Cast versus fabricated

There. Now I’ve changed the “verses” {like in poems) to “versus”,
(like in opposed to) and hopefully my mind won’t be jolted again by
seeing the subject of this thread.

Jerry in Kodiak

I’ve stayed out of this one for various reasons but I can’t let this
go uncommented.

Goldsmiths always have had special relationship with their
clients. Most of the people do not know anything about jewellery or
They trust goldsmith to do right by them. If you are
willing to violate that trust for extra butter on your bread, you
are in the wrong business. 

The leap from goldsmithing to medical advice is mind boggling. As far
as I know, no one has ever died because they bought a $5000 ring that
they believed was fabricated when it was in fact cast. Leonid, your
post seems to make some sort of assumption that jewelers are casting
pieces for cost-savings but trying to pass them off as fabricated to
unsuspecting customers. Where in this thread did anyone say anything
about misrepresenting the method of production of a piece? The
discussion is not about the relationship between the jeweller,
goldsmith, artist, etc. and the customer. It’s about cast versus
fabricated as a method of production. The tone of your post is
insulting to Orchid readers and also insulting to consumers as you
assume they are all clueless about jewellry. I don’t design and
manufacture car engines but I can tell you what a piston is and why
it’s important to an internal combustion engine. I can also explain
the purpose of a crankshaft and why timing is critical to an engine
running properly. I can’t rebuild an engine but I sure as heck know
when a mechanic is giving me bogus It’s the same with
some jewellry customers. Just because a person doesn’t make
jewellry, they are not necessarily ignorant about it.