Cast silver normal color

Hey there,

Again i just wanted to thank everyone for all the help they’ve been
giving me. I finally made 2 castings today very successfully. I
bought a larger crucible so it doesn’t spill over the sides. I
balanced the weights correctly so the broken arm is fully in the
broken arm position and i heated the flask till they glowed dim red
in a unlit room.

I had one more question. When i put my flasks into the quench bucket
i smell a smell like rotten eggs. I’m curious am i raising the
temperatures too high and sulfur is breaking loose in the castings?
Also sometimes i cast silver and it comes out looking like dull
silver and at other times it becomes darker black.

What color is the cast silver supposed to be exactly under ideal


Hey Teri,

When you quench your flasks you shouldn't smell anything because
you should be wearing a respirator! 

I do wear a respirator but smells come in irregardless.

I use the 3M respirator from santa fe jewelers with the cartridge
that says: For soldering and investing silicas & mists. What do you


Oh wow ok sorry I am a bit gung ho on respirators lol if I start
smelling anything I change filters. But rotten eggs…where do you
get the water from?

I use distilled which isn;t really saying much except that our local
water has enough iron and heavy metals in it that I won;t use it…

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