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Cast/Invest Table using A/C comp

Hi Kenneth,

Has anyone tried making a quite air compressor using the motor
compressor from an old Air Compressor.

I think you may mean an old refrigeration compressor.

It should be possible, assuming you get one from a unit that was
discarded for something other than a defective compressor. You may
encounter some problems though. Refrigeration compressors are used to
working with gases that are extremely dry (no moisture). Air is
usually quite moist & on compression releases the moisture in the
compressed air tank in the form of water. Over a period of time, this
can cause rust in the internal parts of the system, which can be the
death of it.

The main requirements of a compressed air system using a
refrigeration compressor aRe: a compressor, a air storage tank, a
pressure switch for controlling the starting & stopping of the
compressor, some brass fittings & copper tubing for the plumbing. The
pressure switch is an off the shelf item, available at most
industrial supplies. The rest of the items are available at a good
hardware or automotive store.

Refrigeration compressors must have oil in them for lubrication. Be
sure there’s sufficient oil in the unit. This oil is usually added
through the same tubing the gas goes through.


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