Cast Impressions

I have seen cast impressions from different textures, such as sea shells and tree bark. Does anyone know what type of wax is used for the impressions and casting companies to cast in sterling silver?

That’s a hard question to answer without more clues of what you’re shooting for. But I’ve made open face molds of bark, rocks, shells and other textural objects with this two part silicone putty. Then I pour in hot injection wax into the open face rubber mold with a spoon. You can use any kind of injection wax. It’s kind of low tech and very fun!

Hope that helps!



This helps…thank you.
I would like to make a cast impression of various textures to incorporate into my jewelry designs. The process is new to me…much to learn.


Virtually all my casting before I retired was using the “ceramic shell casting process” - info is now widely available online. Under some circumstances it would be the very best method of reproducing a texture since no intermediate moulding material is required. However it does require that whatever the ceramic shell is moulded around be burnt out; therefore, preferably organic, and definitely expendable! Also, ‘occlusive’ textures would mean that you’d then have the problem of removing very hard fired ceramic shell from the resultant cast inclusions.

Thank you

This is a new process for me - much to learn