Carving Wax injection

Hi All.

Has anyone done a carving wax injection? What kind of molds do you
use? Is it okay to use a normal wax injector?

Jim Zimmerman

Jim-- the normal green, purple, and blue carving waxes we all know
and love, as well as Kate Wolf’s gold and silver carving waxes and
some of the new milling waxes are not generally injectable-- too
viscous, not fluid enough + too hot a melting point. Some of the
injection waxes by various manufacturers are touted as “carvable”
although they’re not in the same league are regular carving waxes–
you might try the Rio Grande blue carvable wax, 700-245/5.

Mardon Jewelers


It is possible but sometimes difficult. I inject blue wax into
regular rubber molds. When I used a ‘standard’ injector I had to
remove the high temperature stop on the thermostat and I drilled the
nozel bore as large as possible. With the pressure as high as 25 psi
gloves are a very good idea as is a good clamping system to hold the
mold evenly closed. I use a couple of 1/4" aluminium plates with wing
nuts at the corners.

While it is often difficult to get a good fill (not a production
technique :wink: I much prefer the extra work to the hassles of
modifying injection waxes.

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So, if I were to make up a metal mold of what I need. Would this

Jim Zimmerman