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Carving an Aquamarine

A while ago I posted a bit on carving an Agate and stuff, and some
people emailed me and were interested in the how and what of it.

So, I was busy at the time carving an aquamarine and making a
Pic/tutorial type thing as I went along. Anyway, now the carving part
is finished.

If you interested in carving stones, go see :

Cheers, Hans Meevis

Hans, I wouldn’t even know where to start in choosing, let alone
cutting a stone…but I’m learning all the time! I absolutely love
reading posts like this - somehow, they (or at least parts of) end up
in my ‘memory box’. Every now and then I meet somebody who triggers
the opening of that memory box, often for a small part of the
but sometimes for more. The joy is always when a new
idea is introduced, even to the most experienced from the least.
Often what means little to me is meaningful for someone else with a
frame to hang it on if that makes sense. Sometimes, I even get to
make sense of it myself in the fullness of time. I am fortunate to
work with an award winning glass artist, specialising in cut cane
work, who has taught me a bit about cold finishing. Its amazing how
much of this translates into other areas of practice! Your generosity
in sharing this is to be applauded. Whether I ever get to
cut a stone or not, I still find the fascinating. Kudos
to you.

:slight_smile: Kimmyg