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Carpal /UlnaTunnel Syndromes


Hi Folks,

The pain from these two conditions is devastating. I had pain
that would make me cry not to mention the periodic total
numbness and the ‘tingling’ feeling like you slept on it. I
went to a chiropractor who gave me some exercises that have
helped ameliorate the symptoms immensely. The exercises are
simple. First, while sitting at your bench, periodically
stretch your arms straight above your head and ‘reach for the
sky’ as the Lone Ranger used to say. Force them up and at the
same time bend your wrists forewards as far as they will go.
Second, go to the opposite extreme. Stretch straight down and
back from the shoulders, keeping the arms straight and rigid.
Bend your wrists back this time exactly the opposite direction
of the previous exercise. It is kind of like you are sitting
flat on your bottom and are putting your hands flat on the floor
but reaching back at the same time. The object of both
exercises is to bend the wrists in opposite directions to the
limits of their flexibility. Do the exercises in threes with a
rest period of say 10 seconds between the sets. Hold the
extensions for 10 seconds each also. I try to remember to do
them hourly when I’m working at the bench. I hope this can help
you folks as much as it has helped me in years past.


Skip Meister
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