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Jewellery by Carlo G Verda
Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire. UK

It has taken 30 years to accumulate and then to distil the visual and technical skills needed to be able to create works which almost seem to form themselves on the workbench in front of me.

Texture and a clean lines, precious and non precious materials I've always enjoyed the juxtaposition of contradictory ideas and themes, exploring the dividing line between them has created many interesting new designs. Now, having lived by the sea and walked its shore line for the last 10 years, fossils, glacial deposits, remnants of ww2 shore defences as well as the more contemporary defences against the new enemy "coastal erosion" all present new ideas and materials with which to explore these dividing lines.

Materials: Silver and labradorite Dimensions: 7cm

This Labradorites blues and greens reflect the layering and movement of water as the tide returns, bringing , for a few hours, a flourishing of life, movement and colour along the shoreline.
This statement piece aims to captures those few hours of vibrancy in a unique one off design.

Photo credit: Carlo Verda

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Erratics in Ice

Materials: Silver larvikite
Dimensions: 18cm

Erratics & ice. The shoreline near the workshop has been shaped and reshaped by the last two ice ages, plenty of inspiration for this silver, larvikite and sapphire bracelet. A cool and elegant bracelet this is the 4th iteration of this design

Photo credit: Carlo Verda

Ice and stone

Materials: Silver and larvikite
Dimensions: Length 47cms (24 units)

The granite used in this design is a glacial deposit, left behind as the ice retreated at the end of the last ice age, and can still be found on our local beaches as darker stones standing out against a white chalk background. These stones journeys now continued to my workbench and then to a cabinet.

Photo credit: Carlo Verda

Two Rings in sea tumbles plastic

Materials: Siterling silver, Sea tumbled plastic
H=50mm W=27mm D=10mm