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Career in jewelry?

I have unwittingly rediscovered the aesthetic side of me and now
find that I am interested in a career in jewelry. I am currently a
full time college student and will graduate this May with a B.S. in
business administration. I have been struggling recently with the
idea of what I want to do when I graduate, having already considered
and decided against several career options. As a kid I was always
sketching, painting and woodsculpting, which I got into quite
extensively in highschool. One of the career options that I have
been studying most recently is the option of becoming a manager of a
jewelry outlet, requiring me first to work for two years doing
sales. However, I have found myself increasing less interested in
being behind the counter and more interested in what goes on in the
little room in back as rings are put together, repaired and sized. I
have alway loved working with my hands and my eyes to create things
that are aesthetically pleasing, so now I find myself lured in the
direction of becoming a jeweler. Can you tell me what training I
should pursue? What classes do I need to take and where? What kind
of internships should I seek? How does one obtain a successful
career in jewelry starting with no experience and only a deep
feeling that I would be very fulfilled in this line of work? Any and
all advice and comments are welcome and appreciated,
Stephen Aardsma Email: @Stephen_Aardsma