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Carbona Silver Wipes - Safe?

I bought a packet of Carbonated Silver Wipes to try on my Sterling Silver tea service. I believe it is plated. It worked like a charm. You just gently wipe the item and then rinse in warm water and dry with soft cloth. No running needed. Really made quick work of a tedious job. Now I’m suspicious…can this really be safe or will it wear away the silver?

You’re contradicting yourself. It can’t be sterling and plated. It is one or the other. If you don’t know, look at the marks on the bottom of the pieces.

If any item is stamped EPNS this means “electro-plated nickel silver”, not silver, but metal that is just simply plated to look like real McCoy!

Gerry! from my mobile-phone!

First off - I’m asking about the safety of the wipes and somehow spell check changed the title of this thread. The brand name of the wipes is: Carbona. They are not “carbonated wipes.”

Second - I have several different pieces of this stuff and most of the markings have been polished off. What I can make out on one is: Forbes Silver Co USA Quadruple. Then there is a stamp looks like: 517. Then engraved by hand: 5773-10

It is plated. Sterling is always marked 925 or sterling… unless it is so old it is coin and even then, you would have maker’s marks.
ps glad I am not the only one dealing with the hell known as “auto-correct”. My phone has recently started to turn you into thou…

Nan- Jeffery Herman is the person to ask.
Jo Haemer

Oh yes…Thank you Jo. I was hoping he would see this… or that maybe someone else was familiar with that company’s products.

I would second Jeffery Herman.

tagging @Jeffrey_Herman2.

Also I fixed the title to read Carbona, not carbonated.