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Carbon floaters

I’ve been working with prestolite for about 20 years and never
had a problem until I bought a new #1 torch tip. I ignited it,
and …Yuk. Carbon floaters wafting all over the place from a
solid yellow flame. Where was the blue??? Tried it again with
the same unpleasant result. Changed tips, No Problem.Beautiful
flame. Conclusion? Probably a defective tip . I toothpicked the
airholes but it didn’t help. Finally returned it to the dealer
who replaced it and said maybe the diaphragm was faulty. The new
tip worked just fine, and I haven’t had any carbon floaters
since… …

That’s good to know! The only time I’ve seen the “carbon
floaters” was when a friend of mine lit her torch . . . they
bought the torch at a garage sale . … who knows what this torch
was used for???