Carbon fiber inlay

Hi all,

I’m new here and I’m wondering how to inlay carbon fiber into a
platinum band. (request from a client) Can anyone help me? Thanks!
stay sunny, Gregory

As I know most carbon fiber is used in combo with a epoxy resin.
that said you could simply cut a space into the ring with a undercut
to help hold the carbon fiber in place and use a good long curing
epoxy to hold and bind it into place. A little bit like doing
fiberglassing with carbon fibers instead of glass fibers…

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Hello Gregory!

What i did was to cut a slice from a carbon fiber bicycle handlebar.
Most bike shops will cut the bars to the cyclists’ preferences, and
just have the tips around on the trash or scrapbox. The main issue is
to find one with the right diameter.

Hope this helps!
Best regards,
Jose Sperancini

That’s a good idea with the handlebars. They have that good cross
hatch pattern. You could file the edge of that too if you want to do
the undercut or just glue it in. Cut with a saw or a separating disk.