Carbide soldering stick

Hi Michael, I enjoyed seeing the soldering under water web page.
Could you please tell me what a carbide soldering stick is?..
does it last, how fine a point can you get, why use one, etc

Many thanks
Felicity in hot west oz where the temp reached 37 degrees C
today… about 98!

Hello Felicity: A carbide solder pick is a handle with a carbide
rod on the end about 1.5mm in diameter. You would snip your piece
of solder and melt it on you charcoal block and while it is still
molten touch it with the pick and it will stick to it. This way
you can place the solder wherever you want. It is easier than
placing solder pieces on the seam and hoping it flows right. The
carbide pick lasts a long time and can be sharpened to as fine a
point as you want.

Mike Mathews