Carbide Drill Bits

John Burgess…Large diameter drill bits are frequently tipped
with carbide. However small diameter drills are frequently solid
carbide. I cant tell you how small is small, but I own a 1/16 inch dia
solid carbide drill bit. Gosh it feels good to be able to add to your
vast bank !!

Sol K.

G’Day to you John, Carbide Drill Bits are readily available at just
about any Machine Parts Dealer. They are advertised as being solid
Carbide and are about double in price or more. However, one point in
your favor, I’m not sure that they are made in the micro sizes that
Jewelers use. I happen to use a two-flute end mill for drilling
Plexiglass and it’s still as sharp as when I bought it, about 4 years
ago! Catalogs arrive all the time with these drill bits prominently
displayed for sale. Cheers! JB

The giant supply company, MSC, sells a large variety to solid carbide
micro drills. Their phone is 800-645-7278

Tom Kruskal

small is a # 80 drill bit which is really small. I will have to look
up the metric on this but it is about twice the thickness of a dog
hair.:slight_smile: RAY

Hi Gang, FWIW

Solid carbide drill bits are available in the US in English sizes from
1/64 to 1/4" in 1/64" increments. They’re generally refered to as
circut board drills They’re primarily used in the electronics industry
to drill small holes in printed circut boards. Many boards are made
with a high fiber glass content. The fiber glass wears out high speed
steel drills very fast, carbide lasts a little longer.

Metric siszes are available in .05 mm increments from .35 mm - 3.15
mm. Other’s amy be available on special order. Prices vary according
to size, but generally run about $5.00/ bit in quantities of 1.
Ordereing 10 or more usually results in about a 10% discount.

Some times tool companies like Harbor Freight have 'resharpened’
carbide bits at considerable savings. These are ones the electronics
folks have used & then sold as scrap; they don’t like to resharpen
them for their application.