Capturing tree bark and textures

Dear orchidians, I was very excited about the question of how to
cast tree bark as I have had an idea about ‘capturing’ textures in my
travels. I see so many plant, tree, shell, flower, people, .etc.
that have wonderful patterns or textures but am still searching for
a way to ‘record’ them on my travels. (To be used in the metal
textures in my jewelry.) I have thought about carrying clay and
containers where I push the wet clay onto the ‘texture’ and then
store it in the container to be made into a mould and wax at my
home. But do you know of another medium more easily carried and used
and stored? I don’t think wax is a good choice, sorry. This summer
I will be traveling in Sri Lanka and maybe…if I am lucky with
money, Burma, so heat, heat. heat,. is the daily life style. How
can do what I want in this climate. And be flown home in the same
airplane as I am traveling without stress or harassment! A tall order
I know but the world of ‘orchidians’ has done the impossible and
answered every strange question and supported every old or new artist
and stayed the best group in the world. CAN you all believe what
Hanuman has done for us…!! We love you!!

Sharron in K.L. where the heat is increasing but my garden is loving
it as long as I water two times a day.

Yep, someone has actually made a product for just that – capturing
textures on the fly. I think it is sold by
It’s a little case, bigger than a contacts case, with each of the
two parts of a two part silicone molding material in it. The idea
is to have it with you all the time so you can mold anything you

I was wishing I had something like that with me yesterday when I
encountered a neat texture. (Luckily I’ll be there again.)

Your other choice is polymer clay, but since that has to be baked in
an oven that might not transport back home very well in an un baked

Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Certified PMC Instructor