Capodimonte - porcelain roses

Hi Everyone, I’m looking for a whloesale source for "Capodimonte"
style porcelain roses. They don’t have to be from Italy. I’m going to
use them in combination with sterling silver, so I need just the
porcelain flowers not the ones with plated leaves and stems.

I realize this request may be off the beaten path for most jewelry
people, but perhaps someone might have a potter friend who is
knowledgeable about imported ceramics.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Jessee, I used to get small porcelain roses (.5" to 1"
diameter) from the local craft shop. Try Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, Ben
Franklin Crafts, JoAnne’s or such if you’re in the US. The roses
came in a variety of colors and had a flat back. Made cute summer
earrings. Judy in Kansas

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