[Cape Cod Mass] Workshops or classes

I am a complete novice looking for some classes near my home. I
still work full time and cannot afford to go to a fulltime day
school. I live in South Dennis, Mass… If anyone know of a place
near me that offers any classes I would appreciate it.

Thank you.
Nancy Hope

Metalwerx is in Woburn Mass soon to be in Waltham could that suit
your needs. check out http://www.metalwerx.com for all the details!

Barbara Smith McLaughlin -Handcrafted Jewelry

Try Metalwerx (karen Christians) in Boston (Woburn). It’s a great
little private jewellery and metalsmithing school. Sandra Noble Goss
Owen Sound, ON Canada

I’d suggest contacting The University of Mass/Dartmouth. The art
school is located in New Bedford and they usually have a continuing
ed class every semester where you can learn the basics. It is closer
to you than Boston and is probably a lot more affordable.