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[Cape Cod Mass] Workshops or classes


I am a complete novice looking for some classes near my home. I
still work full time and cannot afford to go to a fulltime day
school. I live in South Dennis, Mass… If anyone know of a place
near me that offers any classes I would appreciate it.

Thank you.
Nancy Hope


Metalwerx is in Woburn Mass soon to be in Waltham could that suit
your needs. check out for all the details!

Barbara Smith McLaughlin -Handcrafted Jewelry


Try Metalwerx (karen Christians) in Boston (Woburn). It’s a great
little private jewellery and metalsmithing school. Sandra Noble Goss
Owen Sound, ON Canada


I’d suggest contacting The University of Mass/Dartmouth. The art
school is located in New Bedford and they usually have a continuing
ed class every semester where you can learn the basics. It is closer
to you than Boston and is probably a lot more affordable.