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Cancer awareness jewelry?

Hi all,

A nonprofit organization for brain tumor research is looking for a
brain cancer awareness bracelet they could sell to raise money. They
want something nice so I am looking for a charm or a bracelet charm
combo. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am not making any profit
on this -my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor last October
which is how I got involved.

Thanks for any leads.



I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s illness. Galvanizing an
effort to raise funds and create energy behind research and treatment
is such an important and empowering way to become involved in the
fight to beat the disease.

I’ve done a similar thing in honor of my friend Laura, who’s been
fighting an increasingly difficult battle against adrenal cancer
since she was 27 years old (she’s just turned 34). It’s a boxing
glove keychain or pendant (“help to knock out cancer”)… which,
incidentally, pre-dated St. Mary Medical Center’s use of the boxing
glove by about 2 years. She has told me many times how much it means
to her that there is something tangible that her friends and
supporters have and use daily, helping to keep her in their thoughts
and prayers.

I carved and cast small boxing gloves in both pewter and sterling,
with gold available on request. The same design worked for pendants
and keychains, which allowed for more unisex purchases. I sell them
at my shows, and at places like Relay for Life.

All proceeds go directly to M.D. Andersen M.D. Andersen is one of
the few cancer research centers in the world that specializes in
unusual and rare cancers, and they do some amazing research.

If there’s anything you’d like to know about what I’ve done or how I
approached it, just let me know.

Karen Goeller