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[Canadian Source] Argentium sheet and wire

I am looking for a supplier of Argentium sheet and various wire
profiles (16ga-28ga). Anyone out there have any experience with
Canadian suppliers?

Joris Van Daele
London ON Canada

You might try The Craftsman’s Art Supply Limited in NS, fax
902-462-0800, phone 902-462-0602,

he is slow on returning email, so if you need something quick call
him the best, you can tell him Anna Chow told you about him if you
like I bought lot of supplies from him since we live in the same

Hope this help.


The two Canadian suppliers that I have dealt with are Kitco
(Montreal) and Imperial Smelting (Ontario) I have not checked with
either of them recently, but when I last checked, neither of them had
argentium. Both have websites and 800 numbers, so you can easily get
in touch with them and find out. I have not switched over to
argentium, but I have a small amt of it that I bought from Rio

They ship to Canada and their pricing is reasonable

Calgary Canada

Hi Joris:

I know that Robert Hall Originals in St. George carries Argentium
wire, not sure about the sheet.

Good luck,

Hello Joris,

I am replying to you personally about your post for Canadian
suppliers of Argentium sheet and wire as, although we are interested
in what is posted about Argentium silver on Orchid we respect the
principles of the site and do not use it for self-promotion of our
company. It is good to see that fellow Orchidians have already
started replying to your request.

I can offer two alternatives, dependent on the volume of material
you require. The first is Rio Grande; that has already been
recommended to you:

RIO GRANDE (extensive range of Argentium products, logo punches and
casting services)

If you have any problems with the online form please contact Kevin
Whitmore and he will be able to assist you.

For larger quantities then you would be better to contact:

GSM METALS INC (sheet, strip, tubing, round and fancy wire)
40 Kenney Drive, Cranston, RI 02920, USA
T: +1 401 438 7092

The contact there is Ashley Cimini.

Finally there are our own website where we give details of all those
suppliers we know of for the accessories and findings:

and our new Argentium Silver Users Guild site which is designed to
assist the smaller silversmith:

I hope this is all of assistance to you and if I can help with any
further please contact me directly.

Best regards,
Quality Assurance Manager

Hello Joris,

Just to add to my earlier e-mail, another supplier of Argentium wire
products in Ontario is Robert Hall Originals - please find below
their website details:

Just type Argentium into the search bar on their website and you
will find two pages of Argentium wire and jewellery.

Best regards,
Quality Assurance Manager