Canadian Jewellers Association - Jewellery Education Training System

Hello everyone,

I was reading my latest MJSA journal and one of the announcements was a board change at the Canadian Jewellers Association. As a (very small, part time, home-based) Canadian jeweller, having never heard of them, I went to check out their site. While I’m not sure I really need to buy a membership, I was wondering if anyone has experience with their “Jewellery Education Training System?” It looks like it’s more of a how to do retail sales than anything ‘making jewellery’ related, but I am sure I could always benefit from some additional training.
So, does anyone have any feedback on either the organization or the course itself? Is the course worth it, or should I just buy some more books on the subject?


Just a guess, but since MJSA is retail sales oriented, the Canadian Jewellers Association probably is also.