Canadian gallery looking for artists

I went to the Orchid dinner while in Tucson this week. I had two
goals which I did not accomplish and I thought I would put them out

When responding to others posts, people seem to be able to cut and
paste a portion of the person’s postings so that we know what is
being referred to in the reply comments. I don’t seem to be able to
cut and paste from the digest of comments I read each day. Does
anyone else have this problem? Up until this point I have only read
the postings each day and held back, does anyone have this
challenge? Do I just go ahead and post with a brief subject
referring to the original post?

The second goal I had was wanting to meet some silversmiths who are
in the market to place some of their work on consignment in my

I am located in Canada, about 1 1/2 hours north west of Toronto. My
gallery is composed of my own work as well as that of other artists.
I have sold some of the consignment work of artists I currently
represent and have sent my cheques out to the artists every month
and this seems to work well for all of us. I am putting a lot of
money into advertising and bringing people into the gallery and want
to be known for exceptional, exquisite, and extraordinary work. The
artists with work in the gallery at present seem to be completely
organized for consignment, sending me their work with retails worked
out, details of the percentages (60% artist/40% gallery)for any
sales. Some of the artists work is original -one of a kind, and some
of it is work that is production.

I opened in October 2006 and I am still learning what my customers
are looking for. I have also held a number of gem roundtables in the
store and this has been very successful in bringing people in,
creating awareness of what we do and driving custom work. We also
have a lot of tourists as we are near a hiking trail and in a
beautiful small village that makes for a nice day outing. You can
look at my website, although it is a basic 5
page template type site at the moment. I seem to be selling more
silver than gold, although the gold sales are picking up. This is
why I’m looking for sterling silver work.

I know from reading the postings over time that many of you hate
consignment. You do not have to reply to this, I am looking for
artists who feel that it is something they do want to involve
themselves in, and have a mutually satisfying relationship. Thanks.