Canadian Distributers of Jump Ringer

I highly suggest that you DO NOT go to Lacey for the Jump Ringer
system. They are charging $400 CAD for the kit and they only provide
THREE of the coiling mandrels!

The kit is available from Stuller (sp) for around $300 CAD and it
comes with the complete mandrel kit for coiling your wire. If you
are in Toronto, Stuller is in the exact same building as Lacey. They
are on the 13th floor. However you need to provide them with a
business licence and your retail sales tax licence to set up an
account to purchase with them.

Geisswin is also another location within the Greater Toronto Area
that sells the Jump Ringer kit.

I am a regular customer with Lacey for a number of years now, however
there are times when their prices are severely inflated and other
sources should be used.

Regards, Julia White Adorn JTS