Canadian casters...?

Can anyone recommend a company that does casting in Canada?

Thanks so much,
Joanna Francis


Which city are you requesting on? I know that there are
about 8-9 well-known casters in Toronto, alone…

Gerry Lewy!

I presume these places ship often. Crossing the border can sometimes
be a problem customs-wise, hence my interest in Canadian casters and
those that do plating (what is it called when you get a slight gold
wash inside a sterling goblet–like in a chalice?).

K. David Woolley
Fredericton, NB


If you are a registered business you can use ReadyMount in Toronto they ship across Canada and into the US.

I should be upfront and state that I do CAD/milling for them, but I
think they’re great people who also deserve a plug on the list.

Ryan Taylor

I should have said that I’m in Vancouver. One Orchid member
recommended H. L. ewellery Casting in Toronto. I talked to them and
they were very helpful but if anyone knows of anyone on the west
coast it would save me shipping.

Thanks a lot,
Joanna Francis