[Canada] Summer workshops

Hi everybody, I am a jeweler who lives in Maine and I would like to
take an intensive workshop in granulation and also enameling. I would
like it to be in the north east or in eastern Canada Any suggestions
would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
Emmanuelle Rolland

Hi Emmanuelle - If your willing to travel to Ontario, take a look at
The Haliburton School of the Arts. They offer a number of jewellery
course throughout the summer. They have an on-line calendar

Emmanuelle, You could go to New York City. Three schools come to mind:

l.Jewelry Arts Institute  2180 Broadway, NYC, NY 10024  (212) 362-8633

2. Metal Kitchen  113 Mercer Street, NYC, NY 10012  (212) 334-9394
email:  metalkitchen@erols.com

3. C. Bauer Studio, Inc.  214 w. 29th Street, NYC, NY 10001 (212)643-8913
(granulation, chain making, stone setting in classical tradition)

The latter two are spinoffs from the first school. I don’t know how
extensive the enameling is, but the granulation is definitely covered
by all three schools. Check out the Jewelry Arts website.

Hope this helps.
Donna Shimazu

Emmanuelle, give C. Bauer Studio a call and ask what intensives they
are offering this summer. The studio is on West 29th Street in New
York City. Cecilia teaches fine silver and 22K gold granulation,
chainmaking, stone setting, etc. I am learning how to do granulation
and other wonderful things.Cecelia also teaches the cloisonne (I
didn’t check the spelling) technique of enameling. The phone number
is 212-643-8913. If you get the answering machine, leave a message and
they will call you back.

Gail Middleton
Brooklyn, NY

C. Bauer Studio in Manhattan gives summer intensives and specializes
in granulation. Don’t know the schedule for this year, but the studio
number is (212) 643-8913.

Jean stark one of the finest enamelers around and a most f antastic
granulater is going to be teaching at Wild Acres in June… But i"m
not sure what she is teaching… check it out… Get in touch with
Giniroll@aol.com… The classes are in AShville, No. Carolina…Tell
her I recommended Starks class… calgang

I’ve studied at both Jewelry Arts and C. Bauer. Recently, I’ve been
going to the 92nd Street ‘Y.’ My money is on the ‘Y.’ There, not
only do you learn correct technique from patient instructors, they
tend to encourage creativity and your own design sense within the
framework of learning. The ‘Y’ is really a center of learning, and
you feel that when you’re there. Their studios are very
well-equipped, very professional. No personalities to deal
with, either. Good luck.

I would like to thank everybody who gave me some advise for this
summer’s workshops. Sorry for being late to do that but I was away
for a while. You are all very kind.