[Canada Source] Fashion jewelry plating

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone please share some electroplating companies serving the
fashion jewelry industry in Canada that are already established in
plating pewter. This would also include ‘non precious plating’ like
gold finish and imitation rhodium. I would greatly appreciate the
names of companies that can do quality “barrel” plating and capable
of 500 to 2,000 pendants per order. Note…we can already do my own
plating of small quantities.

Thank You,
Greg Miller


I’m also interested in finding a plating company. I need some white
metal/pewter belt buckles plated as well as a few other items. The
plating company I was using apparently went out of business. If any
one know of any referrals let me know.

Eric Hizme

I have used Red Sky plating co for some of my plating needs and have
been very satisfied - it has been a number of years ago - I don’t
have cause to presently - you might check with them if they can
accomodate you.